Optimum LTD delivers woven labels, satin woven labels, size woven labels,  woven ribbons ( woven tapes) and woven badges for the textile industry.


Production of Woven Labels
All of our labels are OEKO Certified .
The raw materials are periodically tested in accordance with EU safety and environmental requirements.
Optimum works with TPX and C pantone, which guarantees the strict following of the color preferences of the clients.Production of Woven Badges

We provide very fast woven badge production by using Italian Galvo Laser label cutting machines.
Our daily production capacity for badges are 50.000 pcs. We have capability to make limitless shape and designs for badge labels.
Besides , we provide engraving to your labels with same system.

Our woven labels and woven badges can be also produced as self-adhesive or hot-adhesive.
The woven labels of Optimum ltd do not irritate the skin, which makes them appropriate even for baby clothing.

All of the woven labels can be cut and folded.

Among the types of folding which we offer are : middle fold, center fold, one-side fold, longitudinal end fold, straight cut, miter fold.

Optimum ltd delivers all around Europe in terms of 15 days after confirmation of the order.